Founder Biography

Anthony D Parfitt

Executive Chairman

Anthony is a dynamic entrepreneur and inventor who founded Futronics in 2000 as a direct response to the DVLA’s search for mobile and static ANPR solutions that could be used for Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) enforcement. This project required Anthony to use all of his experience and skills, to not only develop a unique technical solution, but to also successfully gain the Home Office Type Approvals (HOTA) needed. The relationship with the DVLA continued for 16yrs and this is the testimony to the importance that Anthony and his team puts on customer satisfaction.

Anthony has had a passion for electronics since his early teens, entering the Young Engineer for Great Britain competition at the age of 14 and never being too far from a collection of components and a soldering iron. Very few household items survived entirely unmodified or in his words “unimproved”!

Having spent over 30 years designing and developing advanced electronic solutions for some of the most challenging security projects around the world, Anthony continues to innovate and develop industry leading solutions for the emergency services and other similarly challenging sectors. Futronics is a success story that is growing fast and continues to push the boundaries of technology so that its customers can enjoy the many benefits.