eTS | electronic Touch Screen

The Futronics eTS Touch Screen is a ground-breaking innovation providing the brightest and most versatile invehicle touch screen display available today. Featuring the latest capacitive technology and modern LED back lighting,it is simple, safe and easy to use in any lighting conditions.

The eTS has six uniquely powerful programmable Organic LED buttons located alongside the main display. Whilst these can be used to interact with information on the display, they can also be configured to operate independently of both the display and the associated Mobile Data Terminal (MDT). Each button is infinitely programmable and able to display dynamically changing text and images appropriate to the application. These unambiguous visual cues ensure that operators can quickly identify the status of active systems, further improving the safety and convenience of operation.

The eTS utilises proprietary screen blanking technology to protect the driver from distraction whilst driving, as required by Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) regulation 109. This Futronics innovation allows the driver visibility of approved applications such as SatNav, whilst ensuring that other mission critical applications, such as ANPR and DVR, continue to run discretely and safely in the background.