eCM II | electronic Communications Module

The Futronics eCM II is an incredibly versatile communications and GIS module, designed to provide robust communications, remote diagnostics and geographical information between mobile or static systems and a control room. Remote users can quickly determine location, equipment status and system performance metrics, using the eCM II integrated GPRS diagnostics feature, and where necessary send command and control signals.

In situations where it is essential to maintain communications, we provide a uniquely powerful and cost effective solution able to utilise multiple SIM cards to insure against poor network coverage. This combined with an integrated GPS engine with two clean RF outputs, WiFi and Bluetooth II makes the eCM II an essential component in any mobile or static data environment.

The eCM II is fully configurable to optimise performance and offers ultimate flexibility with a simple and cost effective upgrade path, along with seamless integration with other Futronics products. A perfect solution for any mobile environment, automatic vehicle location system (AVLS), building management, asset protection and tracking, alarm monitoring with audio verification, plant monitoring and almost any other application where remote control and monitoring is required.