F-Box | electronic Mobile Computer

The Futronics F-Box represents the evolution of our industry leading, and already established, range of Mobile Data Terminals (MDT). Built on our international reputation for excellence in innovation, engineering and customer focused solutions; the F-Box is the world’s most powerful solution for mission critical mobile computing.

The F-Box joins our impressive range of MDTs, already widely used in emergency response vehicles, ensuring that we have an ideal solution for your needs whatever the operational and economic parameters.

Unrivalled connectivity ensures that the F-Box delivers the most comprehensive range of programmable input and output ports for any vehicle system, with intelligent power management. Critical vehicle systems uniquely run independently of the computer and its operating system. An integrated touch screen display provides direct access to the status and configuration of these ports.

The F-Box is fully solid state with up to two removable solid state drives and can be supplied with various processor options, including the ultimate Core 2 Quad 2.53GHz Extreme Processor. This unprecedented power and reliability allows customers instant, simultaneous access to processor intensive applications such as ANPR, multi-camera DVR and extensive Command and Control applications, without any loss of performance.

The most powerful, future proof and feature rich Mobile Data Terminal in the world – One Box, One Solution, One F-Box