Product News: ePS
07 Sept

Pushing The Right Buttons, The New ePS

The Futronics ePS range of LCD switch panels are fully programmable multi-button controllers, designed for installation into standard vehicle DIN apertures, thereby significantly improving the future re-sale value of the vehicle. Ideal for use in applications that do not require more advanced mobile data solutions, the ePS range provides economic, yet versatile emergency vehicle control solutions that do not compromise on functionality.

Uniquely for such switch panels, the ePS range includes control of Matrix / Info Sign displays, allowing operators to quickly and easily select pre-defined messages to display to other road users. This combined with control of the usual combinations of sirens, emergency lights and light bars makes the ePS range the perfect choice for many applications. The ePS switch panels are used in conjunction with the Futronics eVC Electronic Vehicle Controller, making the total solution one of the most feature rich and adaptable on the market. Each ePS panel can be daisy-chained with additional panels and multiple eVC units to create even more flexibility, especially where more extensive equipment options are to be integrated and controlled, as with Command Vehicles, Fire Appliances, Ambulances and other specialist vehicles.